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A family named Manktelow:

The registers of Pembury exist from very early times, but there has not yet been the opportunity to trace further back than those family members listed below.  Some family members were later found in Yalding.

Amy MANKTELOW,   1714

Elizabeth MANKTELOW,   1711

Elizabeth MANKTELOW,   1730

Francis MANKTELOW,   1709

James MANKTELOW,   1745

Jane MANKTELOW,   1707

John MANKTELOW,   1698

John MANKTELOW,   Nov 1728

Martha MANKTELOW,   1742

Mary MANKTELOW,   1700

Mary MANKTELOW,   1740

Matthew MANKTELOW,  1721

Matthew MANKTELOW,   1739

Robert MANKTELOW,   1704

Robert MANKTELOW,   1732

Thomas MANKTELOW,   1718

Thomas MANKTELOW,   1736

William MANKTELOW,   1701

Also born here:

James SISLEY,  Abt 1830  

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Near Royal Tunbridge Wells is the village of Pembury, the centre of which is now a conservation area.  

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